Field trips are often fun and most children look forward to going on them every year. However, what most children don’t look forward to is the preparation and packing bags for it. Packing for the trip largely depends on the length of the trip and the various tasks that need to be undertaken according to the school requirements. You can make packing a fun task if you get a head start, make a list of the required essentials and enjoy the process. Here we will look at the first key points you must look in to when starting to pack.

Talk to your supervisor to find out what you need


Whether it is your teacher, a lecturer or a guide for the trip, you must make sure to ask them what you will need to take on your field trip, as well as any items that you won’t need. Most often schools hand out a list of the essentials that must be packed however, it is best to have your own checklist as well so that it is specific to your personal requirements. Moreover, a checklist helps you cross out things that you would not need and add anything that you may have forgotten. You will have to plan in great detail the longer the stay is, but not if it is only a day’s field trip. Regardless of the length of the trip, it is crucial to have everything you need.


Follow the checklist by your school


Apart from your own list of items, there will be a list that your school would require you to bring. Some of these may be standard items such as a backpack, writing equipment for taking down notes and so on, flashlight, caps etc. In addition, they may include items that are required by individual students as per their specific task, for example measuring instruments or modeling clay for creating impressions and models. Make sure to go through the list thoroughly and let the supervisor know beforehand if you are unable to bring anything in particular. You may also be provided with custom printed tees from class tee printing Singapore.

Gather everything you need in one spot

One of the most effective strategies of packing for a trip is to gather everything you need on to a single spot such as your bed or on a mat on the floor of your bedroom. This way, you can get an idea of how much you need to pack and quickly go through the stuff and remove or add items without having to search a bag or around the house. You may also need to pack some extra things such as a bottle of water and a snack for your journey so leave some room for those. Consider the place you are traveling to and pack a light jacket or warm scarf in case it gets chilly.