Have you seen how in soap operas the heroine’s eyelashes look long and elongated while she stares in to her lovers eyes? He forgets all the worries in the world and is motivated to fight all the powers that is it trying to keep them a part form each other. Let’s look at all the things that just does not seem right here.

Well for starters there is no way any man in real life will play along to stare into each other’s eyes while the whole world is out to get him.

Stare in to each other’s eyes? Who does that now anyways? we’d rather put up a post on IG telling that we’d be together no matter what blah blah

And most importantly, long and elongated eyelashes don’t just land there. It is likely she spent a lot of time in her vanity van to just get her lashes right.

But it’s true perfectly curly eyelashes enhances natural features and is a great way to maintain a natural and neutral look that can be put together quickly with very little beauty products. Eyelash extension Singapore offers a variety of services dedicated to achieving long and luscious lashes for both men and women.

Why eyelash extensions?

  • You save up on the time and effort that goes in for the daily application and removal of mascara.
  • You are not caught off gourd in the middle of a meeting with crumpled mascara obstructing the view of your left eye
  • Customizable lash thickness and length allows you to have the lashes of your dreams.
  • For two long months you do not have to worry about looking like a hot mess because you’re always going to have a little help by your side.
  • The lashes are designed to naturally fall of at the end of approximately two months so you do not have to make a separate visit to the salon for same.
  • For whatever reason you’re not comfortable how it sits in your eyes or if there is anything else bothering you, you are able to go back to daily application of mascara. It’s all about trial and error.

How to hold on to your lashes longer?

The lashes are meant to last two months but this may vary with each person. Each lash is bonded carefully to the corresponding natural lash with FDA approved adhesives and to know if it is placed properly, check if the extension lash or glue is touching your eyelid.