When you look into the mirror it is easy for one to see signs of ageing. We know that this can be disheartening to observe. But you need to realize that it is still not too late to change the clock. There are still some steps that you can take to delay further signs of ageing. However, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to determine what tips you need to follow. That is because it sometimes appears that every individual has the secret to delay ageing. But we believe that the best thing that you can do is follow the tips that Asian women adhere to. That is because they manage to look decades young than they actually are.

Drink Green Tea

You may have consumed the best collagen drink Singapore to delay signs of ageing. But the only thing that Asians drink is green tea. That is because it contains a world of benefits that would do wonders to your skin. Not only does it contain antioxidants. But it also possesses the capacity to speed up your metabolic rate. Thus, that is why these women tend to look slim no matter how old they get. Therefore make sure that you consume green tea on a regular basis. Ideally, you need to prepare a pot of green tea in the morning. Then you would be able to easily drink this throughout the day. If you cannot remember to drink green tea what you need to do is drink it instead of water.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

We know that many of you wear sunscreen every day no matter what. But you need to understand that sunscreen cannot completely protect you from the harsh glare of the sun. Thus, that is why you need to avoid direct sunlight. If not, it can lead to premature ageing. However, we understand that you cannot stay indoors the entire day. Therefore what you can do is cover your skin by wearing long sleeves when going out. Furthermore, you can also make it a habit to wear big hats or carry umbrellas with you at all time.

Eat Fresh Fruits

We all get that craving for sugar after a meal. When this happens what you do is eat ice cream, chocolates or even puddings. But this would not do anything for your skin. Instead what you need to do is eat fresh fruits.

The aforementioned tips are not things that are impossible for you to accomplish. Instead all you have to do is make them a part of your routine. Then before you realize it you would get used to them.