Many of us are familiar with buying our favourite hosiery just to be let down because there is a massive run down one leg or we just ruin it completely by snagging it on something just a couple of hours after buying it. It is not something that is unusual. However, there are many ways in which we can make sure that this does not happen and here they are.

Choose Thicker Hosiery Always

The thicker varieties of tights that you get are a lot sturdier than the ones that are sheer and therefore they are easier to maintain. What you need to do here is to look out for the denier number on the tights and if they seem to be higher or equal to about 40 you should be good to go. You can also go for the type of hosiery known as sweater tights which are actually ideal to be worn in the colder season as they are made of a thicker knit. They actually look very close to leggings and will not only keep you warm but will also be easier to look after.

Always Look For Reinforced Toes

One of the main issues that we all have with our hosiery is that our toe nails cause a lot of holes in the toe area of the tights. Whether you are buying plus size pantyhose or tights or anything for that matter that has to do with hosiery do check for the option of them having reinforced toes around the seam so that you can effectively prevent your toes from causing holes when they run up against the sides of your shoes. You can also wear no show socks during the summer months under or over the stockings so that there is added reinforcement and during the months of winter you can actually wear taller socks under your boots. You also need to make sure that the shoes you wear are fitting well and do not rub against too much. If they do you can buy some gel inserts to avoid rubbing against tights and to also help your shoes fit better.

Always Buy One Size Up

You should ever buy a size too small for you as it will increase the chances of the stockings snagging. Instead look into buying a pair that is one size bigger for you than it should be. This will prevent too much stretch and pulling that will make the tights more vulnerable to runs and snags. You should also look for tall sizes for a longer fit which will also allow for more room so that snags can be avoided.

Be Gentle with Them

You should try and hand washes your tights and stockings as much as possible. If you are going to put them in the washing machine though remember to oust them inside a laundry bag with a tiny weave so that the stockings cannot work their way out of the holes and avoid setting the temperature of the water too high or using a harsh detergent powder.