The sense of style you carry will define you as people will perceive you as per what you wear and how you carry yourself. Hence style is all about knowing who you are, what impact you want to make on others and just do your thing. It is essential that you find the style that matches since not all fashion styles matches everyone. So if you want to portray yourself perfectly, here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you go shopping.

  1. Know your body

Many people struggle due to their body. They are either not happy about it, or do not know how to accentuate their assets. So first, you need to understand what type of shape you are. There are 5 common types; pear, apple, rectangle, hourglass and inverted triangle. There are many websites that you can make use of to know what shape you are. Change of body size and shape can be really depressing for many people, especially after childbirth, accidents, ageing etc. You need to accept it if you aren’t an hourglass anymore and now choose clothes that can still make you look beautiful.


  1. Know your personality

Simply write down a few words that describe you and think about if someone would think you are that way if he saw you. If yes, great! You are dressing as you should. If no, time to change your wardrobe. You need to pick colors that inspire you and make you confident. People usually assign emotions and perceptions to colours. For example, someone always wearing grey will be perceived to be gloomy or moody while someone wearing red might be taken as fun and exciting. So use colors wisely.

  1. Scrutinize your current wardrobe

You need to take an honest look into your wardrobe and take out what you don’t wear. It’s a waste simply keeping them with you if you don’t even wear them. You can give them up for charity for a good cause. Keep clothes that make you happy and what you will surely wear. Many people get carried away by different clothes and end up just filling up their closets. They love it so much even if it doesn’t fit their body type. So it’s time to say goodbye and make room for the new stuff.

  1. Buy clothes that fit you

If you see a cute skirt and you try it on and though it seems a bit too short, you will buy it anyway. This is a big mistake. You are never going to grow shorter so all you will do is bring it home, tuck it in your closet and forget about it forever. It’s a waste of time and money so buy clothes you can actually wear.