After asking some friends and looking for a recommended studio, you finally decided to go on a yoga class. You added it to your schedule, you commit into it and now you are ready! The next question probably running to your mind is what are the things to bring?

Look no further as listed below is the must-haves to bring to your class. Go through it thoroughly and check which ones apply to you. Then, gear in with your gym bag and run to your studio. Put your mobile off or in silent mode as this can be the number one distractor to your meditation.

Comfortable attire

Some may find it funny as it is too obvious but some newbies do not know what exactly to wear. With the city’s rain or shine weather, all that you need is something that you can easily move. Yoga pants Hong Kong, breathable and supportive top that will make you feel comfortable by doing any move will do. Keep in mind to wear something that stays and fits you properly without the need of constantly adjusting it when performing some poses. Avoid wearing clothes that will make you feel conscious with your body or having a fear of wardrobe malfunction as it will eliminate your overall focus and concentration.

Water bottle

As many studios normally sell water bottles, better to be sure and carry your own. Either you bring a tumbler and fill it up or buy a mineral water at local convenience store. Better to carry a lot to keep you hydrated at all times. You will be replenishing lots of fluid loss after every practice. If you think you were not able to drink enough water before your class, have coconut water after to re-energize your body with electrolytes.

Own mat

Most studios definitely provide mat but there’s no assurance that the one you will get is clean and ready to use. However, if it is your first time and not yet sure if you will be taking multiple classes in the future, do not invest on those mats but rather make sure to go to class earlier so you will have the privilege to choose the mat you are going to use. But then again if you are health conscious, better to just bring your own.


Bring a handy towel to wipe your face and body especially if your sweat starts rolling down from your forehead to the entire body. Also, there are cheap yoga towels as well that you can buy instead of a good quality mat. It has a grip side that will help you stay in place while working out.


Clothes for changing

Not everyone is comfortable walking in the streets in workout clothes. The hot weather in Hong Kong has to be considered as well. Do not forget to bring your comfortable clothes to change after attending your classes.

After class snack

No matter what time you will finish every session, it is important to have something in your bag and avoid the feeling of hunger. A protein or granola bar, fruits or some almonds can be a great help. Though you can always eat out and buy take away, ensure that you’ve done your research regarding the area nearby the studio.