As my teenage niece would say…photo booths are bomb. They are the heart of many parties, and gets that train chugging, especially the ones with a lot of hormonal teenagers who are constantly trying to capture the perfect look that will make heads turn on social media. For them this only gets better if there are props, sign boards and dedicated people who are willing to take their pics without them having to listen to another one of those lectures that tells them ‘’ you are now obsessed with this whole thing!’’

Photo booth Singapore is a team of likeminded professionals who took the step to bring in a twist to the dying art of traditional photography and it is fair to say that they have done an awesome job. Today because of this our three year old gets to experience that humorous moment that we all huddle into a tight spot in the booth to capture a series of candid picture at a family wedding or a college reunion.

Realizing the lucrativeness of the business venture many have stepped into and brought the unique additions to the service that they provide to their clientele. Today almost all parties and social gatherings are co-ordinated as per a certain theme. This calls for the theme so be present in the décor, layout of table, thank you gifts etc. A themed photo booth is a great statement piece that will draw in attention to the message you hope to convey during the event with the opportunity for all its participants to take back something more than just great memories.

The stakes for everything we today is high and that is why we do not want to offend our guests when it is us who has invited when into our celebration, with entertaining additions such as the novel instant photo idea and a toe tapping band are inculcated to the event, a little bit of pressure is taken off your shoulder as the host and you are able to take in a sigh of relief and take time to properly say hello to everybody and even enjoy that delicious looking dessert.

Many people including myself shy away from pics, especially in public forums because somehow you feel inadequate to be a part of a picture with the perfect contouring and the designer ensemble’s. If we are ever to get over this, the time is now.

Because when you are all smiles it is only fair to capture that for ever!